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FernsehBilder I & II (2014)



TV images revisited


how many images have been flickering by on every single kathode ray tube before they are dumped and forgotten?


When Jens Kull first saw a "cinescopio" from the inside -he was about 12 years old- the idea that color pixels emerge by gunning electrons to a lead coated glass, was nearly as abstract as the workresults Jens Kull achieves by melting the CRTs down.

He considers the turnout of his sculptures to reflect all fisical and chemical processes accumulated individually in each CRT, and obviously each is different.

A true hommage to Gonzalo-Camarena.

Each work comes with a reprint of a letter interchange between Camarena and a Veracruz located colleague engeneer who supposedly saw color images on his b/w  TV and therefore started communication back in the late 50ies.  




Kathode Ray Tubes, molten 



3x33, 10AP


Shown @:

FEMACO 2013, Mexico City


Special Thank yous:

This work would not have been possible without the valuable support of GlassMasterMind Orfeo Quagliata, sponsorship of Jena Serrano and networking from Emilia Cohen. 


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