Jens Kull was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1975.


After attending University of Basel (Ethnology and Philosophy), he moved to Mexico City where he studied Photography, Visual Effects and Video Compositing. He then developed his own unique methods for the observation of people and urban spaces.


With sequenced photography, video composition and video installation Jens Kull interweaves current technology with a variety of media, with the objective to unfold unique angles of realities and possibilities, shifting within time and space.


Art writer and psychologist  Gabriel Santamarinas wrote: "The spark of a manʼs fleeting existence, sleeping on his electric bed, is displayed in Jens Kullʼs objects for cosmic self exploration."


Dr. Royce W. Smith resumes Kulls works with the following words: “Jens Kullʼs artistic savvy surfaces as he incorporates technology as a critical mediator between a visually dynamic and increasingly globalized world and viewers whose own experiences and histories varyingly act as portals into and obstacles impeding access to the localities from which he draws inspiration. Kullʼs work both confronts and comforts, as the familiar rhetorics and iconographies of our world reveal new relationships and dissonances with localities many have yet to encounter. It is in this interstice—what Homi Bhabha might call ʻthe joinʼ—between the local and the global, between place and placelessness, between familiarity and foreignness, that Kullʼs powerful works find their voice.”



Private and public contemporary art collections such as Colección FEMSA, Colección Jumex and Colección José Pinto have purchased his works.


In 2004 he received the INTERNATIONALER/MEDIEN/KUNST/PREIS in Karlsruhe (ZKM), and his work was purchased by the Monterrey Biennale FEMSA in 2007.


His creations and devices have been exhibited in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark,

France, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Russia, Chile, Brazil, U.S.A. and Mexico.


Currently he collaborates with Mexico's oldest gallery, the "Galeria de Arte Mexicano - GAM", founded by Ines Amor and Diego Rivera in 1936, opening its paths to contemporary art.






Photo: Alexis Zabé

Jens Kull

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